feeling trappped

ermm so like i know i’ve already made a blog entry about this but i’m just like really worried about the future. i just want to play music that is it. if i were to blow up or something i wouldn’t want it you know? fame literally kills people and it’s scary..? like i don’t want to b broke but i don’t want everyone looking into my private life and looking into my childhood and shit it’s just gross. like i see people bringing up teenage photos of bands and stuff and it’s like why?? it’s just so odd i would be so trapped.. anyone feel the same way with pressure??

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Omg yes I feel you! I also wanted to write music but i.hated the idea of people finding out my childhood...it's just wierd I don't understand why would people want to know that stuff it'd annoying nd gross

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right like i know it shouldn’t stop us but it’s like… what abt the embarrassing tik toks i posted in seventh grade?? i just feel like were in a new wave of technology and everything is so different now then it was back then. now THE INTERNET KNOWS YOU. everything collects data it’s so wild… so like if u do the wrong thing it’s immediately demonized idek man. private life for a reason just so stressful.

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So true!!! Thats why I want to live in a forest with no internet or phones but then again it would be kinda of depressing.. but times changes and things change and so do people it might seem weird at first but we'll get used to at some point hopefully

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of course :) parts of me just wants to settle down with a family and other parts of me wants to go out and do what i love.. too much for a fifteen year old girl tbh. ALSO i agree with the forest home thing.. very peaceful.

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So real nd yea

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