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everybody is a poser, nowadays

Category: Blogging

this is gonna be pessimistic but i've been thinking about how to put this into words. today, it feels like everybody is pretending to be something or someone else. performing . people spend ages carefully curating their identity around a certain thing, or a certain theme, only to do absolutely nothing with it. you call yourself "dark academia", but when was the last time you even picked up a book?... » Continue Reading

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lamb shank

Category: Writing and Poetry

i offer myself up to the sacrifice blade held somewhere in this blur there's determination in my eyes and vice and shame hidden in my fur if i deliver the fatal welt and tip-toe off the ledge could you shave the sin out of my pelt? » Continue Reading

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the weight of blood

Category: Writing and Poetry

if i push my sadness further and deeper deeper into flesh and bone maybe red will trickle into a sticky black and i won't have to hate my insides any longer if i purge myself of gore and mutilation  watch sin seep out from savage wounds i'll leave an empty vessel for the autopsy table because who can judge me then? neither god nor you neither me or myself if a man is measured by the weight of his ... » Continue Reading

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three o'clock stars

Category: Writing and Poetry

i stare up at the ceiling, popcorn textured and probably full of asbestos as if clocking these hours of restless nights will lead to unlocking some secret truth about life and existence some hidden mystery only written in the three o'clock stars and i do unlock something, something dark and cryptic i unlock the painful thoughts that hide in shadows and swarm my mind when the sun is astray i unlock... » Continue Reading

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i'd be okay with e-kids, if...

Category: Blogging

they weren't completely ruining the definition of "emo".  this is something that irrationally pisses me off -- people calling themselves emo just because they wear black and put a depressing song lyric in their instagram bio. can people stop riding emo's (and goth's) dick just to get more followers and attention?? it started with 2014 tumblr completely ruining the definition of grunge , and now pe... » Continue Reading

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