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i'd be okay with e-kids, if...

they weren't completely ruining the definition of "emo". 

this is something that irrationally pisses me off -- people calling themselves emo just because they wear black and put a depressing song lyric in their instagram bio. can people stop riding emo's (and goth's) dick just to get more followers and attention?? it started with 2014 tumblr completely ruining the definition of grunge, and now people are mainstreaming emo and goth. in the modern age of the internet, no subculture is sacred.

maybe i'm being a negative nancy and would just prefer to be stuck in the past. maybe e-kids and "emo rap" is the evolution and future of the emo genre and subculture, maybe it's the only way to keep emo alive. to me it kind of feels like we're just pinching aspects of various different subcultures and blending them into a mess titled "alt". can we stop reviving things and adding modern adaptations to them? can we just... enjoy things dead? stop trying to bring 2009 to us, take yourself back to 2009 instead (pretend that makes sense).

this part is just me being salty but i hate how subcultures have been turned into a trendy and popular internet fashion fad. like, people used to get bullied for being "depressed emos", parents literally thought emos, punks and goths were part of a cult, or that they'd sold their soul to the devil, but nowadays some random suburb teen with curtain bangs calls himself emo and gets praised for it?

eh, i realize that e-kids are mostly an internet thing (...it's in the name), and i don't doubt some of them get made fun of irl too. i don't really care about their fashion style and internet obsession (as if the myspace era was any better), just... stop erasing emo pls

i get that a few of these peeps are actually ex-emo/scene kids, or people who enjoy the emo music genre without the fashion and subculture aspects, and some people are gonna think im being a weird emo elitist lul. you can do whatever you want forever, blend subcultures and create an lovecraftian-esque abomination of edge if you really want to.. just don't pay attention if you see me silently judging in the corner.

i'm always gonna associate emo with swoopy bangs, too many wristbands and copious amounts of eyeliner, but maybe there's people out there with a more open mind

i started writing this rlly annoyed, but i think i stopped caring somewhere along the way. blogging is free therapy xp

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ive been an emo/scene kid since elementary school and it sucks that the people who made fun of me for expressing myself as a kid now wants to claim being an emo kid. plus like, i hated the "emo is dead" thingy too, it never made sense cuz like other people said punk, goth, and even the e-kid "subculture" (if u wanna call it one idek) should've died too then, right? i dont think it'll ever go away tho imo not only because of the rawring 20s but also because of the recent resurgence of it from tiktok and some younger kids taking part of it too :)

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♡anni amn3si4♡

♡anni amn3si4♡'s profile picture

it bothers me how everyone says emo is dead and to move on
the punk and goth subcultures have existed for decades and are still just as relevant- calling emo and scene "dead" is just an excuse to move into the modern e culture, which in it's own right, shouldn't even be considered part of emo culture. it belongs to it's own group, especially as a lot of e girls and e boys are younger, and never experienced the first few waves of emo culture. it's a generalisation, just as emo was originally lumped into goth by people and overly concerned parents who weren't part of the subculture, even though goth is its own entirely separate entity to emo. it's an age old story, of tradition vs. modern, and i definitely feel as if the trad emo/scene culture that's emerged amongst those of us who were emo back in the late 00's-2010's is the counter culture to whatever the hell mgk and mainstream eboy/egirl musicians have brought about for the alternative community. don't mind me dropping an entire university research essay on emo culture here lmaooo

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222erica's profile picture

heavy agree

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sienna ⌦*°:⋆ₓₒ

 sienna ⌦*°:⋆ₓₒ's profile picture

SERIOUSLY, i go and pick up my little sister from school. and im in a cute goth fit. i got the leather maxi skirt, goth makeup, tied up band tee, and my hair teased. and some younger kid comes up to me calling me emo and BARKS at me. (totally nothing wrong w being called emo, im obssesd w emo shit) like honey where are you parents at?? i barked back ofc tho. and when you go on pinterest and type in emo or goth istg that stuff is just no. anyways sorry for my little tangent, i just FULLY agree with you!

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XxAdrenalineAngelxX's profile picture

I couldn't agree more. as an emo, something that really pisses me off is when my friends claim that they're "so emo" cuz they wore freaking black leggings. like dude. what. on of my friends claims she had an emo phase because last year she would wear mostly black clothing. it makes me irrationally angry.

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Felix♡'s profile picture

I 100% agree-
As a dude that goes to a public school in america,
I get called “emo” for just wearing fucking black hoodies. The internet and e-kids have changed the definition of Emo and many other subcultures into just on big term called “alt”. I wish we could all be different, emo kids and many other subcultures are each different and that’s the point-
E-kids have completely changed it.

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anna :D

anna :D's profile picture

couldn't be said any better ngl

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▌THE ᴀᴛKING OF SPACEHEY▐'s profile picture

> in the modern age of the internet, no subculture is sacred.

Furries successfully managed to avoid this fate actually. All they had to do was to make ungodly amounts of porn so it would become unmarketable and too many kids wouldn't join. Really it's genius. Like invisible gatekeeping.

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bro people didn't want to join regardless the porn just made people avoid people like you

by officestapler; ; Report


Kail!'s profile picture

I wish the e-kids would just accept they were e-kids

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nik's profile picture

poser e-kids: "Hey! I know we literally told you to commit suicide back in middle school for wearing your hair all spikey and damaged... but we're emo now too, so we forgive you!"
I think it's fine if other people want to explore their identity more and branch out away from the mainstream, but they shouldn't go around calling themselves "emo" whilst making fun of scene kids and only ever listening to 100-gecs and juicewrld

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☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆

☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆'s profile picture

*Loud clapping-* GOD SPEED, AVERY, GOD SPEED
But fr, I 100% agree! I'm scene myself and I'm tired of these striped sleeves wearin, 100 Gecs listenin, fluffy Deku hair stylin, "Hello Kitty says ACAB" sayin kids calling themselves "Scene", or, I'm sorry, "Scenecore", blegh! x_x And these "emo kids" that are literally just e girls except they wear pants with chains on them instead of skirts with striped thigh highs... Like... Your not emo- I dunno what you are, mall goth? I have no clue, I just know DAMN WELL your not emo >:T And we ALL KNOW Machine Gun Kelly didn't make things better with his AWFUL portrayal of emos in "Emo Girl" X~X
I personally associate emo with side parts with hair over one of your eyes (Or both >:3c), studded belts, skinny jeans, and of course the 2000s emo bands. I feel like details like black hair or copious amounts of eyeliner are just commonly associated details that DEFINETLY add to emoness but I don't believe it's like if you don't have the time to buy eyeliner then all of a sudden your not emo despite you knowing all the bands, having the hair and the outfit, and writing "RAWR" on your hand with a sharpie before you go to school-

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Suburban Guy

Suburban Guy's profile picture

Yeah I agree... The Myspace era did have more originality to dressing emo/scene, especially at the mall. Now it's all under the umbrella of "alt". And the music especially. Back then there were many bands that people enjoyed, and now most of the music now is produced in a DAW (there was crunkcore then). Music like shadow rap/trap metal is now associated with alt or goth music... Most of the Spotify playlists names "goth girl music" are mainly tiktok trap songs... And plus, the whole e-kid thing does have elements of many of the alternative scenester "aesthetics", as well as Korean street fashion and a 90's skater look. Not 100% emo though... Plus, this generation needs to know about Midwest/prehistoric emo and the fashion behind that...

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Random Man

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It fucking sucks. Especially now as they call everyone that wears black and listens to things other than pop "emo".

I myself am not emo but punk-goth and it gets annoying.

I get absolutely pissed when I see these little girls that prance around calling themselves "emo" when they wear a black skirt or shirt, look at me and laugh while calling *me* emo.

These kids are going to be the death of me. They're ruining the sub-cultures.

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divisive_disaster's profile picture

I totally agree! Everywhere, 'emo' is taken completely out of context, - and especially with the rise of e-girls/boys it just makes this whole thing exacerbated. I feel ya :(

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K43L1N DA C0UNTRY's profile picture

AGREED. I mean do what you want but sometimes to me it isn't even emo anymore. Whenever I look up something like emo or scemo pfp (bc i like the 2000s scene/emo artstyle) all that shows up is fluffy haired e-boys on tiktok,, It annoys me sometimes how E-Kids call themselves emo,, ik i'm more scene lol,, but I don't have much else to say you pretty much took the words out my mouth i'm kinda just repeating what u said lol

oh and sometimes scenecore can bother me bit bc of the glitchcore acab danganronpa stuff,, i like danganronpa and bright colors but it isn't rlly scene to me

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smol edit thingy: i mean profile pics like this one (no h8 to whoever made the edit): https://64.media.tumblr.com/564c13f8a28438bea30e8739bdba976f/757a946b7f11c5b6-94/s1280x1920/d3d13f4d2b846a9e1135d72419ad89231ebf65ab.png

idk maybe it's just me with that opinion

by K43L1N DA C0UNTRY; ; Report

no yeah i totally get what u mean! it feels like scene has been turned into a trendy internet "aesthetic" and it's weird. i'm not even scene but even i know the fashion and social side of things is like 70% of what makes somebody a scene kid, it feels super strange to reduce an entire subculture to just eyestrainy colors and glitchy images. i swear, these people don't even try to learn the history of things either

by Avery; ; Report

jezebel zablocki vanity (thot #21)

jezebel zablocki vanity (...'s profile picture

no becoz i completely agree. im scene and emo (scemo) but anyone at my school wearing black gets called 'emo'. ALSO... SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME REELY PISSED... those cis girls who have their bangs dyed red and that wear billie eilish (no hate thrown towards her, im an ex-billie fan) shirts that call themselves "emo".. like... YOURE NOT EMO. my definition of emo is dark colored hair with the bangs swooped either to one side or infront of one eye, reely dark eyeliner, dark clothing, snakebite peircing, etc... yk? it just irritates me when people call themselves 'emo' when all they have is colored bangs and band tees.... LOLZ sorry for tha rant in yo comments but reading your blog just made me think about all thayt shit XD

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exactlyyy. i'm not gonna make fun of their style and the music they like (most of the time lel) but like do they really have to call themselves emo or goth?? even tho what we consider mainstream emo isn't actually oooriginal emocore... at least we can learn the roots and not just go oMg Im So EmO after wearing a cheap ass spiked choker once or whatever

by Avery; ; Report

EXACTLY! jeez ow, people just dont get how much it bugs other people when they call themselves "emo" when they dont even classify as emo smfh

by jezebel zablocki vanity (thot #21); ; Report

the person in your pfp is a pedophile.

by xxskye.skylinexx; ; Report

i’m aware

by jezebel zablocki vanity (thot #21); ; Report

If Youre aware then why support and condone a active predator? sickening

by xxskye.skylinexx; ; Report

i dont support nor condone him, i just have my profile picture as him n jayy coz im hyperfixed on them .__.

by jezebel zablocki vanity (thot #21); ; Report

vanity is literally in your name.....

by xxskye.skylinexx; ; Report

THATS SUPPORTING HIM DUHHH. idk how old you are but back in my day he molested little fucking girls being a grown ass man

by xxskye.skylinexx; ; Report

how is putting vanity in my name supporting him? just coz dahvies last name is vanity doesn't mean me putting vanity in my name is supporting him,,, :-T

by jezebel zablocki vanity (thot #21); ; Report

>vanity as last name. >vanity in your profile picture....your just making excuses

by xxskye.skylinexx; ; Report

ooookay then :-P

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