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"Trying to make it through this summer, can't wait for fall!!"

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Been gone for about a week, Happy New Years!

Category: Life

Haven't been in the best of moods. The rain tends to do that sadly. And usually when it gets like that I sort of just keep to myself. Thankfully it looks like the rain is over, I can finally feel at my best!  Happy new years to you all! Here's to making 2022 better. Let's change things up, and hopefully when next year comes around we get new stories to tell.  » Continue Reading

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Blog lurking

Category: SpaceHey

Honestly my favorite part of the website is the blogs. I just like reading random blogs, some are funny and some are just bizarre. Do any of you also lurk in the blogs section? » Continue Reading

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Working on losing weight, plus gaining muscle

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

As of 2 weeks ago, I have been consistently jogging 3-4 miles daily. It's one of my favorite things to do tbh. I've also cut off alot of sugar (in my case, cutting off soda completely) I'm trying to improve my physique so I'm going to start working on upper body exercises. I do this not just for my health but also because I want to look good. I know it sounds vain but it's true. » Continue Reading

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Am I late to spacehey?

Category: SpaceHey

I've been sending friend requests to a good amount of people here. I have noticed something that was kind of common. A lot of accounts say last online 1 month ago. Was there like an influx of users that just came by to make an account and then leave? Because if that's the case then that lowkey sucks. » Continue Reading

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Ordering food on the weekends is a nightmare

Category: Food and Restaurants

I've been waiting for 30 minutes at a dominos for 3 pizzas. If I had something to eat at home I wouldn't have ordered pizza. All the restaurants and fast food establishments are severely understaffed and overworked and it really makes getting food a drag. Learn to cook everyone (yeah that includes me) » Continue Reading

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Just joined Spacehey!

Category: Life

I just came from a techquickie video and this is honestly what i've been looking for. It's like a blast from the past, and man I missed the blogs. Can't wait to be more active here! » Continue Reading

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