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Lift Off (song survey stolen by ♡Lex♡)

Category: Music

Survey stolen from ♡Lex♡ ( ♡Lex♡'s survey: rules 。.。:∞♡*♥  1. put ur iTunes, windows media player, etc on shuffle  2. for each question, press next  to get ur answer  3. you MUST write down that song no matter how silly the name sounds Also when it has ((..)) that is my like side note or sum like that  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... » Continue Reading

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Rest In Peace Joey Jordison…

Category: Music

My journey into the world of Slipknot began about a month ago and honestly I’m still getting into their music, but I never would have expected this to happen. It was super shocking to hear that the co-founder and ex-drummer of Slipknot, Joey Jordison, has died at the age of 46. I don’t have that many memories about Slipknot yet, but I’ll continue to make more. I wish the best to all of his fans, f... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Hi! This is my first blog and honestly I probably won't blog much, just when I have something cool to share like an edit, drawing, or something cool in a game I did. I've been in an art rut for bit but I'm in the middle of doing a drawing of Amy Lee from the Everybody's Fool music video, so maybe look forward to that if I ever finish it lol. My bulletins will probably be minor stuff just like the ... » Continue Reading

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