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Lift Off (song survey stolen by ♡Lex♡)

Survey stolen from ♡Lex♡ (
♡Lex♡'s survey:

rules 。.。:∞♡*♥

 1. put ur iTunes, windows media player, etc on shuffle

 2. for each question, press next  to get ur answer

 3. you MUST write down that song no matter how silly the name sounds

Also when it has ((..)) that is my like side note or sum like that 


 1. someone asks "are u okay?" and you say...

"Give 'Em Hell, Kid"
by My Chemical Romance

 2. how would u describe urself?...

"The Unforgiven II"
by Metallica

 3. what do u like in a crush?...

"The Calendar"
by Panic! At The Disco

 4. how do u feel today?...

by Paramore

 5. what's ur life's purpose?...

"No Life"
by Slipknot
((Oh how perfect lmaooo, my life's purpose is no life ig))

 6. what's ur motto?

by Slipknot
((There's something inside me that feels, like breathing in sulfuuur!))

 7. what do ur friends think of u?...

by Incubus

 8. what do ur parents think of u?...

by My Chemical Romance

 9. what do u think abt often?...

"White Ball"
by Miracle Musical

 10. what is 2+2?

"Feeling This"
by blink-182

 11. what do u think of ur best friend?...

by Evanescence

 12. what is ur life story?...

"Let The Drummer Kick"
by Citizen Cope
((Sad sounding song, could this be my life story??))

 13. what do u want 2 be when u grow up?...

"Ramona (Acoustic Version)"
by Beck

 14. what do u think when u see da person u like?...

"Don't Go Outside"
by Poppy

 15. the song at ur wedding will be...

"Lose Yourself"
by Eminem
((Hell yeah, we'll all be singing moms spaghetti at my wedding))

 16. the song at ur funeral will be...

"Vegas Lights"
by Panic! At The Disco

 17. one of your hobbies is...

by Billie Eilish

 18. biggest fear...

by Slipknot
((I swear I don't have that many Slipknot songs, my shuffle just keeps shoving Slipknot in my face lol))

 19. what's your biggest secret?...

by Paramore
((Whoa, this is an underrated Paramore song))

 20. what do u want rn?...

"Never Go Back"
by Evanescence

 21. what do u think of ur friends?...

by Flyleaf

 22. ur biggest regret is...

"Mucka Blucka (Bonus Track)"
by Tally Hall
((My biggest regret is keeping this song in my playlist as it is only them imitating chickens on the track lmao, it is a bop tho))

 23. how will u die?...

"Fame < Infamy"
by Fall Out Boy
((This song is the movie Sex Drive! Guess that's how I'll die..?))

 24. if u could change one thing in the past, it'd be...

"The Radiance"
by Linkin Park

 25. where do u live?...

by Panic! At The Disco

 26. what will u title this as?...

"Lift Off"
by Mike Shinoda, Chino Moreno, and Machine Gun Kelly


Conclusion: Why'd shuffle give me the songs I listen to least? (Except a few like Sulfur and Whoa) I'm probably gonna do this survey numerous times as it's really fun!

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