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hrmrmm spacehey comics

Category: Art and Photography

hrmmm i've been lingering on it now and i think spacehey is like. the PERFECT site to make crudely made 2009-esque comics in mspaint or other. i'm considering doing it (maybe with like those lil furry ocs or whatever when it comes to what could be considered 2009 or beforehand) and just letting people have a bit of a gander towards them. feedback'd be appreciated, though starting would probably be... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

so, we're nearing the halloween season (as it is  the spooky month) and i'm currently writing this from one of my sixth form's computers. quite a fair amount of time has passed since i last used this actively, but i figure that i can get back into the swing of things. i've gotten into sixth form, to a school that's closer to me and a lot of my friend groups have shifted. despite this, i'm pretty c... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i didn't know what i was expecting when i decided to return LMFAO but ig it always happens. i also discovered im aromantic but still bisexual, and at this point i'm too tired to give a shit. it's hard coping with my own emotions but hopefully i get through the year intact considering i'm a little under halfway through 2022, maybe i'll meet new and better people along the way :] » Continue Reading

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more oc stuff

Category: Art and Photography

drew up a new oc cuz i was bored and can't sleep lol » Continue Reading

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2022 and the new year coming

Category: Blogging

it's 2022! time flies by so fast honestly, and too much has happened lol. i broke up with my (now ex)boyfriend to find new room for myself, did commissions for a smaller community i'm in and i got myself some new tshirts! unfortunately both my parents ended up getting covid and as of current i'm waiting to get tested alongside all of my family to ensure that we don't collectively get covid. at lea... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

ok tbh i'd never see myself properly making a blog, but i just wanna comment on how nice winter is. it's cold outside so you stay warm, but the tinge of frost is still nice enough to keep you cool - maybe sometimes you can find places to cuddle up with others and do stuff together, or etc. i'm usually a very solitary person when it comes to this but i admire how cosy the idea of staying in for Nov... » Continue Reading

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