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ok tbh i'd never see myself properly making a blog, but i just wanna comment on how nice winter is. it's cold outside so you stay warm, but the tinge of frost is still nice enough to keep you cool - maybe sometimes you can find places to cuddle up with others and do stuff together, or etc. i'm usually a very solitary person when it comes to this but i admire how cosy the idea of staying in for November and December whilst listening to xmas songs. good memories always came with this and i just remember having a good time all round - ironically it still forces me to stay in, but what do i know?
i suppose i just really, really enjoy the winter lulz. it makes me wonder what ppl might be doing in their own time besides worrying for exams and lazing around, doing whatever. =P

another rlly vague memory i remember was sitting on the couch and watching a playthrough on the big tv of spy fox, of which i own all three games currently. it feels only just a little far away that i remember watching these, but time flies so fast after you spend it all on being an introvert and involving yourself more online. hey, it might be the problem that we're just cooped up inside all the time, but at the end of the day i don't think it hurts anyone too much.
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