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Contact me on Escargot and NINA!!!!

Category: Friends

HEY GUYS AM HERE I've gotten a little into old messaging apps, and I somehow forgot to show my contact info, SO HERE THEY AREEEEEEEEEEE Escargot (MSN):      WLM 2009, Windows 11 ICQ: 51119 (stands for yuuki, for makoto yuuki yayyy)      ICQ 5.04, Windows 98 VM btw im more active on msn than on icq cuz i gotta shell out my windows 98 vm to use that and » Continue Reading

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im back and i fkn love aigis

Category: Games

she is a machine that i strive to create ngl irl im probs gon be a cognitive scientist almost like dr maruki but it's real then im gonna study cognition to the point that it looked like persona might be real holy shit aigis is the endgame of all robots... THE robot with emotions. the end. then i will soundly rest in piece thank you makoto yuki too ily » Continue Reading

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"happy" march 5th (p3 end spoilers)

Category: Games

we persona fans gather on the promised day to remember the passing of our messiah, makoto yuki / minato arisato or femc / minako arisato may all the memories live within his social links.. and sees allies. memories of you. rip emo jesus, kimi wo i will never leave you » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

i completed the game 2 days ago i cried so much that i felt like i filled an entire tub full this damn game is just the best game i've played yet alongside persona 5 royal whenever i think of makoto yuki i just get a little guilt in me for getting through the end you know it when you finish the game god it's so sad for me to see him after all this... » Continue Reading

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bro wtf (p3r spoilers)

Category: Games

got on p3r and gone for the october 4th full moon beat the shadows, yada-yada, wondering why ken n shinji aint here ... only to see em in the back alley fucking horrifying to see ken wanting to murder shinji cuz of his moms death then out of fucking nowhere there's that strega guy who shot shinji... twice was gonna shoot ken tho but shinji saved him and fucking dies goddamn he was a great chef too... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

oh hey boutta go to bed i know we could've skyped tonight but that's alright gnight girl i'll see you tmrw » Continue Reading

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