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pics of mememeee

Category: Blogging

I just realized I only ever showed 3 pics of myself on here and they were all pfps… 🧍🏽‍♀️ so this is me like yesterday » Continue Reading

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rush - twice (a masterpiece)

Category: Music

idc what NOBODYYYY says... rush by twice ate down like sana did her little thing bro I need lil uzi on the beat for a remix like I can just envision how crazy that would go this just might be one of the best b sides of the year so far like it gave nwjns won't lie » Continue Reading

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she's out of my league (2010)

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

never really realized until this day how much of a comfort movie this movie is... idk if its bc of my wife #34952 Krysten Ritter being in it or what but I kinda cry tears of happiness watching this movie... :') » Continue Reading

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decode by paramore is probably one of the best songs of all time

Category: Music

the love that i have for decode by paramore is indescribable. when I even here like a milisecond of the song I start levitating, my toes begin to curl, and I can see the light. having that song directly implemented into my ears like a cochlear isn't enough I need that shit stuck right up my ass long. thank you for coming to my tedtalk :) » Continue Reading

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beabadoobee pls come to my area

Category: Life

thinking about the time when i couldve gotten a beabadoobee concert ticket for $30 but it was on a Tuesday night and I had school in the morning... ik this is gonna be one of my lifelong regrets 💔 » Continue Reading

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im back yallll

Category: Friends

I honestly forgot ab this and then I remembered after watching this tiktok so hey y’all!!! it’s been 2 yrs since I was last on here… back on here to make new friends bc I can probably count the amount of friends I have on 2 hands so… msg me on insta (@4l3xiaa) if you wanna be friends… im 16 so if you’re like a lot lot older pls ignore this :)) » Continue Reading

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