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Internet Explorer

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Welp, Microsoft screwed IE with the new IE 11 update. Internet explorer was repleaced by Edge by a thing called IEtoEdgeBHO WICH YOU kinda CANT DISABLE!-n- There are some ways to do it but its really tricky! >n < And ofcourse, theres some ways to open Internet Explorer without disabling IEtoEdgeBHO. :] Microsoft  is really killing IE to push Edge further. Of course, Edge is good BUT WHY TRY TO KIL... » Continue Reading

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My thoughts on Spacehey Mobile

Category: SpaceHey

I was kinda surprised when Spacehey mobile dropped. OuO Honestly, It's kinda bare bones. Stuff like blogs and other stuff are missing, and the name is too long. My phone shortened it to "SpaceHeyM" lolz. .-. BUT THE GLOSS IS AMAZING! >W < Gosh, I miss when apps had that gloss and were much less simple and plain. So yeah, maybe the app will get more stuff over time. :P » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Man, Christmas is amazing! The Christmas carols, the snow and everything else! >U < I've already set up all the decorations around my house! I'm just waiting for it snow. There's alot of occasions for it to snow but it doesn't snow. D: Christmas songs are already on the Radio. OwO Welp, 35 days till christmas! » Continue Reading

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Good'ol Adobe Flash

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Kinda bummed abut the removal of Adobe Flash, even tough its been like 3 years since that happend. All because of Apple and Smartphones -_- But hey! Ruffle emulates flash well. Within a few years Flash might be back. I remember back in the good ol' days watching flash animations and playing flash games. I remember this one game.... I forgot the name. It was about PVZ. Controling a Peashooter and s... » Continue Reading

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