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24, Canadian, I drink maple syrup.

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Re: Introduction To Who I Am & What I Do

Category: Life

My name is Freyja! I am a white, transgender, and Canadian settler. I help the homeless and addict population of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada's DTES residents to actively practice safe usage of narcotics, administer Narcan to residents overdosing, and encourage them to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings. I have have always enjoyed working for and becoming leadership material in any busines... » Continue Reading

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Guess what?

Category: Life

You better get out of that rocking chair and stand up for trans, non-binary, LGBTQ+ rights and fight for them until your dying day old man... It's called PUNK ROCK, not PRANK ROCK... » Continue Reading

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Here's a quick philosophical nugget of wisdom...

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Fuck pedophiles. Fuck the way they groom minors, exploit their innocence, and end up creating a person born out of trauma and sexual misconduct from such a young age. May all who have experienced creepy men in their 20s/30s as teenage girls seek refuge and recovery, and may those men be buried way deep beneath the prison system. Don't like what I'm saying? Then you're likely a p3do who disregards ... » Continue Reading

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