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Re: Introduction To Who I Am & What I Do

My name is Freyja! I am a white, transgender, and Canadian settler. I help the homeless and addict population of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada's DTES residents to actively practice safe usage of narcotics, administer Narcan to residents overdosing, and encourage them to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

I have have always enjoyed working for and becoming leadership material in any business I take an active part in. In fact, by the time I was sixteen, I had already received my completion of first aid certification in the know-how of administering Narcan. Soon afterwards, I began a journey of alcoholism and addiction, and a eventual kicking of the habit and a welcoming into the rooms of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous. Now I am the executive director of the Street Saviors Society, which aids and delivers care and support to those afflicted with active alcohol and drug abuse on the streets of East Hastings.

I got into this line of business in 2018, at the age of nineteen, when I completed my treatment center program for alcohol and various other substance abuses. I bean working for the SSS, and never looked back.

My favorite part of having, participating in, and running a business such as Street Saviors Society is the growing number of residents on the DTES that have become familiar places for everyone included, because it allows me to witness the humanity of active addiction and the ways it manifests from a single poor decision; overall, despite those first decisions, the residents I work, care for and mourn upon news of fatal overdose are the apple of my eyes when it comes to connection with my fellows.

Also, giving out nutella sandwiches and bottles of water can be a lot of fun!

When I’m not working on SSS, I like to spend time on this website, Instagram, listen to music, or simply zone out and take a good old fashioned nap.

I’m a dog, cat, and animal lover, I own one Australian Shepard/Border Collie mix named Jaxon and two tabby cats named Lilith & Eve. 

I think of myself as a eccentric, odd, free spirited person, although I’ve also been known to be quiet and very observant when in deep contemplation and critical thinking.

The things I love most in life are my family, friends, fellowship within AA/NA, my relationship with God, and my pets/

I’ve been a professional harmonica, acoustic/electric guitar, banjo and vocal work singer for three years since the start of the pandemic and I really love it.

My idea of the perfect day would start with an energy drink. And then I’d smoke a cigarette and finish off by texting my partner good morning. The kinds of people I’d like to meet are ones who are queer social and civil rights activists/lobbyists, and people who are simply kind, courteous, and respectful. That’s important to me because kindness is the ultimate authority.


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