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"wont change this much but prolly drawing!!!"

im a minor!! and use he/she/they :3

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more hermit headcanons!!!!

Category: Games

okay so grian definitely either absolutely ADORES or DETESTS coffee and its entirely dependent one weather or not scar is around  like if scars there its tea for his early morning caffeine rush but if hes not? grian is chugging that stuff DOWN cup after cup GRIAN IS TRANS!!!!!! idk if anybody here has ever heard of yhs (prolly non LOL X))) but hes so trans coded in it!!! also he literally says hes... » Continue Reading

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hc hcs!!! (hermitcraft headcanons LOL!!! X)))

Category: Games

these are just a bunch of super random or lame ideas I've had in my head for a while!! :D figured id talk about em :p cw!!! hermitshipping!!! SO SO SO during the Hippie Arc (tm) of season six ren and grian were TOOOTALLY dating right?? like they fs made out all the time THEY WERE SO IN LOVE!!!! speaking of season six and romance did anyone else notice the ENTIRE enemies to lovers arc thing grian h... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

fischl themed ones!!! :D » Continue Reading

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Fischl, Prinzessin der Verurteilung!!

Category: Games

Hello all occupants of SpaceHey, it is I, Prinzessin der Verurteilung, Fischl! I lovingly grace you all with my acquaintance, and for that you're welcome. It is here I wish to make many friends anew, as well as reunite myself with those of olde. Bow before me, ruler of the Ashen Darkness, and feel free to message me if you find thine interests and fondesses akin to my own! » Continue Reading

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