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hc hcs!!! (hermitcraft headcanons LOL!!! X)))

these are just a bunch of super random or lame ideas I've had in my head for a while!! :D figured id talk about em :p cw!!! hermitshipping!!!

SO SO SO during the Hippie Arc (tm) of season six ren and grian were TOOOTALLY dating right?? like they fs made out all the time THEY WERE SO IN LOVE!!!!

speaking of season six and romance did anyone else notice the ENTIRE enemies to lovers arc thing grian had with scar????? like the WHOLE season they were constantly on opposing teams its SO OBV they just wanted to have an enemies to lovers thing lol X)) and i FS ship grumbo more than scarian but like- i love that!!! (also love the idea theyre poly LOL)

also ive got some music headcanons for grian dynamics!!! grumbo is the smiths, scarian is TOTALLY girl in red, grian and taurtis are OCCASIONALLY. ocasionally will wood, and grian and sam are SO penelope scott??? like. omg. SO.

grian and pearl (at least for boatem!!!) were like god siblings!!! who represented the sun and moon!!! also grian totally dated scar and mumbo while pearl SO dated the soup group X)) they were so cute together!!! 

i like to think of boatem as one big family (plus the sons boyfriends and daughters partners LOL)

ill prolly do another of these later but thats all ive got for now!!!!!

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