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more hermit headcanons!!!!

okay so grian definitely either absolutely ADORES or DETESTS coffee and its entirely dependent one weather or not scar is around 

like if scars there its tea for his early morning caffeine rush but if hes not? grian is chugging that stuff DOWN cup after cup

GRIAN IS TRANS!!!!!! idk if anybody here has ever heard of yhs (prolly non LOL X))) but hes so trans coded in it!!! also he literally says hes into dudes???@?!?!?!?1/ like thats not even a head canon thats just canon canon!!!!!!

also he and taurtis were SO INCREDIBLY BOYFRIENDS???? like. it was literally canon!!!!

also before scar and grian had their whole enemies to lovers thing scar and bdubs were TOTALLY a thing i mean like did you SEE the way they treated each other while scar was running for mayor???? BOYFRIENDS!!!!

but after they broke up ( :( ) scar got with grian and etho FOR SURE rescued a heart beoken bdubs's wounded soul. i mean like he kinds just- appeared??? in bdubs monolith LMAO THEY LIVE TOGETHER!!!! they kiss ALL THE TIME theyre the kind of romantics who would make out in the school hallways and not even notice everybody staring cus theyre SO IN LOVE!!!!

okay so everybody always talks about "pearl and grian are twins!!" this or "grian and pearl were so siblingcoded!!!" that but GEM???? GRIAN AND *GEM*???? THEYRE SO SILBINGS!!!!!!!!! like NOBODY talks about this but it was pretty much cemented in my mind after the frog fight scene in season nine like theyre siblings!!!!!! theyre brother and sister!!!!! i also like to hc that theyre both trans LOL X))) grian gave gems tips on how to be more feminine and gem gave him tips on how to be more masculine!!!!!

ALSO ALSO nobody talks about BUT.. but... grian and mumbo paleontologist bf x architect bf..? LIKE THINK ABOUT IT GRIAN WOULD BE SO OBSESSED WITH FOSSILS AND MUMBO WOULD BE SO OBSESSED WITH THE STRUCTURES OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS!!!!! and theyre both autistic (duh) so every now and again they have an infodump session with each other in their pjs on their couch before they go to bed LOL X)))))


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Neo/Zkid O.o

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her?mit??? what is it that you speak of

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HERMITCRAFT!!!! look it up. and watch. and have the fungus invade your nervous system. it will overtake.

by Mars<3; ; Report

must do! thank you for the suggestion i have been HUNTING fungus

by GRIFFEN; ; Report

YIPPEE!! you will be most satisfied it is moist and sumptuous

by Mars<3; ; Report

incredible! i will go seek out this hermitcraft now!

by GRIFFEN; ; Report

EEEEEE okok i recommenced checking out grian, bdoubleo, and goodtimeswithscar!!! they give good and pretty all-covering perspectives

by Mars<3; ; Report

all right! if you hadn't told me then i was going to use MumboJumbo's videos instead

by GRIFFEN; ; Report

i would recommend him bc hes really cool but he hasnt posted hermitcraft in so long :sob: i dont think hes coming back until next season :((

by Mars<3; ; Report

thank you for the warning! and the suggestion!

by GRIFFEN; ; Report

ofc!! :D enjoy your fungus!!

by Mars<3; ; Report