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Category: Blogging

Hi!  I have not been on nor thought of this website in two years!!! that is a long time!! I wonder to myself whether or not people still use this thing, i was just told by my boyfriend to get on here so I guess I am!   I have a boyfriend!!! His name is Max and we have been dating for 1.5 years, and i love him very very dearly! I also do not listen to Car Seat Headrest anymore because i actually kn... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I just realised I never did an introductory thingy so here it is! My name is tk(or tayden if you really want to), I spend most of my time listening to music or trying  to write something. I dont know what to write here. I have a cool coat! My favourite music is Car Seat Headrest, Death Grips, and Bo Burnham if that counts. Please give me music recommendations, or recommendations for things in gene... » Continue Reading

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Poem/Album Title/idk/slash

Category: Writing and Poetry

I wrote this last night when I was thinking of a cool album title for something I'm working on*. The white light beckons me, but I do not follow it. For I see a man in it's shine, and this man scares me half to death, and so instead I go into the blackness and let it swallow me whole, and eat my intestines. *The phrase 'working on' is used very vaguely here, more or less I was just thinking of mak... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

These are all quotes from my friend, Nicholas " Obiwan reunites with drug buddies 20 years later" me: are you going to kidnap Jimmy Fallon nick: yes "John Travolta" me: why nick: fnaf "dont do that" "ive broke the bad and now im gay" "I am the Godfather" I cant remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of. "  The blair witch project but it's a lofi ep". Thanks for reading. » Continue Reading

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