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Yk what would make metal sound so much better??

Category: Music

If people would stfu and stop calling everyone posers like we’re all here for the music bc we like it. Grown adults always say shit too like why do you care if some rando teen is a poser??? Idk it’s just super annoying esp since most of the kids generally love the music and hell I go up to bands telling them how much I love them  all the time I’ve made multiple drawings for band members im more su... » Continue Reading

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Gender and sex stuff since you guys are dummy’s!!

Category: News and Politics

Ok so one of the top blogs is a bunch of homophobic bullshit and a lot of people replying sound dumb as hell so I’ll explain. Sex and gender is different, sex is male and female. Gender is boy, girl, nonbinary, and a lot more because gender is something humans made up, or a social construct. While the most common genders may be boy and girl that doesn’t make them the only ones, because gender is m... » Continue Reading

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Toxic masculinity

Category: Romance and Relationships

The way the most absolutely foul men RUN to like my insta story’s when i post about feminism…. Like the same guy who felt up my thigh to “get to know me better” liked my story abt how women aren’t made of braille and the way i laughed my ass off for hours. Like how are u gonna play feminist when your reputation says otherwise you’ll just end up looking like an idiot.  » Continue Reading

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