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Yk what would make metal sound so much better??

If people would stfu and stop calling everyone posers like we’re all here for the music bc we like it. Grown adults always say shit too like why do you care if some rando teen is a poser??? Idk it’s just super annoying esp since most of the kids generally love the music and hell I go up to bands telling them how much I love them  all the time I’ve made multiple drawings for band members im more supportive than you how am I a poser?? Only time I’ve called someone a poser is when the mf that would bark at me and shit In the hallways showed up bc how are u gonna make fun of me for being emo but show up to local grindcore and metal shows?!

The scene where I live is going to shit bc all these losers suck!!

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no bcs if being a poser it's so bad why don't just teach something instead of calling ppl posers <:-|

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Literally also it’s funny as hell bc they call me a poser just bc I’m scene as if I wasn’t heavy into the punk subculture like 2 years ago

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(↼_↼) REX

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Exactly, just because people don't think some1 is worthy enough to listen to their fav band or smth. People should be happy bc a band they like is getting popular, especially with the youth!

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Exactly esp with smaller bands like done u want your favorite local band to make it??? Also I witnessed several kids almost sob when Fathers Milk disbanded I dont think there posers loll but

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