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Irl list cuz im bored

Category: Life

Kokichi Oma Shun Kaidou Meulin Lejion L Lawliet Hiroshi Satou Armin Arlert Stan Marsh Craig Tucker Len Kagamine Shuichi Saihara Dave Strider John Egburt Karkat Vantas Terezi Pyrope Sollux Captor Mituna Captor Nagito Komada Kusuo Saiki Sal Fisher Cesar Torres Akaza Yuri(DDLC) Sayori(DDLC) Rody Lamoree Green=Idc if your also an IRL of them Yellow=Eh i care but i also dont care if your also an irl of... » Continue Reading

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INT and DNI and BYI List

Category: Friends

BYI: I was a 4chan user. I  like a lot of problematic media/media with problematic creators so be aware of that.  sorry if i come off as rlly awkward or dry at first, i'm normally not like that i'm just kinda scared to talk to new ppl. most of my socials are on my page. I change my profile and typing quirks like, everyday but so everyone knows it me there will always be a: (Finn/Tuna). I switch ty... » Continue Reading

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um ig

Category: Blogging

my patreon » Continue Reading

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My new account

Category: Friends

Hello whoever Reads this um my step-dad made me delete my Spacehey account so I made a new one! my old account was » Continue Reading

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