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silence, she

Category: Writing and Poetry

silence she greets me with a foot in my door detector , reflector for the hole in my heart. lingering donations of tears on my porch inspector , respect for silence she brought. questions but a meal, sought after too long like appetisers, lost my appetite ,  none the wiser, grudges à la carte. feed on the same old loneliness: watch me come apart. watch me come apart . woven into this house that i ... » Continue Reading

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this page cannot be found

Category: Writing and Poetry

the pretence of these personified pixels on a screen, where's the tangibility of that connection? i'll romanticise a life without the internet through blue-tinted glasses and screen the latest trends twenty years too late mourning the loss of a concrete reality, never inclined to too much blinking. i always wanted to keep a piece of you where no one else could get it here, in this world wide web, ... » Continue Reading

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etching echoes upon my skin

Category: Writing and Poetry

there's something intensely comforting about being a stranger until you're prosecuted inside your own mind, plagiarism of your own thoughts, and emotions used up, guiltless without a dime. stood behind a one way mirror and the world seems so much clearer, my silhouette ricochets off the glass. barricaded,  they don't need handcuffs to occupy; interrogated,  my shadow converses with your alibi; mis... » Continue Reading

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spare change

Category: Writing and Poetry

i bought myself a new attitude today at a discounted price. the yellow sticker almost mellowed me there and then yet i had to allow the cashier's slight of hand to mould these preconceptions, weather the novelty down to no hard feelings. that'll be more than you bargained for and less than you'll ever know, please. brokered my heart, the plastic bag broke on the way home. a kitchen sink investment... » Continue Reading

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an ode to childhood chime

Category: Writing and Poetry

saturday liked sneaking up on me in the evening with a handful of the days minutes stashed away; whilst wednesdays were rolled out and  k n e a d e d like bread dough that never reached the right consistency. becoming tedious and strained, fractured and frayed, accompanied compare to the  sunken glow of profiting woe  for monday's despair. thursdaysaremyfavouritedayoftheweek. » Continue Reading

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ever (hair)d of me?

Category: Writing and Poetry

i cut my hair today and the funny thing is you didn't even notice.  the sink was spitting like a young vein,  choking embarrassment embalmed in a cracked faucet.  it made do with the people pleasing prescription.  take one, or drain the whole bottle,  strain yourself under the has been headache,  could have been complimented-ache,  should have been scratching incantations under the sheets and unde... » Continue Reading

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