an ode to childhood chime

saturday liked sneaking up on me in the evening

with a handful of the days minutes stashed away;

whilst wednesdays were rolled out

and  k n e a d e d

like bread dough that never reached the right consistency.

becoming tedious and strained,

fractured and frayed,

accompanied compare to the 

sunken glow of profiting woe 

for monday's despair.


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luv this!!

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gee thanks!! <3

by tally!!; ; Report

np! do you have a LiveJournal?

by Emory_With3rs; ; Report

i’ve been meaning to set one up, i’ll let you know when i do! what’s your lj account, i’ll give it a nosy :D

by tally!!; ; Report

Yay! You should definitely set it up so I can fanboy over your writing lmao, my Lj is r3ading-emory

by Emory_With3rs; ; Report

cici ☆

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the way u write ughhh 2 good!!

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aw i'm blushing ty! ty! ty!

by tally!!; ; Report

emi o.O

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felt this in my BONES!!!!!!! i luv how u write <3

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GAH thank you so much!! and a sorry too :')

by tally!!; ; Report