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the pretence of these personified pixels on a screen,

where's the tangibility of that connection?

i'll romanticise a life without the internet through blue-tinted glasses

and screen the latest trends twenty years too late

mourning the loss of a concrete reality,

never inclined to too much blinking.

i always wanted to keep a piece of you where no one else could get it

here, in this world wide web,

homesick for a keyboard 

to mimic a laugh i think you deserve.

so i'll euthanise myself with this breeze of

nostalgic never has beens, 

forged fables, and forget me nots.

to ride the sails of your windswept eulogy

in a wave of dot dot dots...

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I just scrolled down a couple of pieces of your poetry, and oh my GOODNESS i love every single one of your writings!! Its also really cool how your a bassist in a band, thats so awesome!!

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oh dope!! i'm glad you enjoy what i've wrote so far!!

by tally!!; ; Report


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awesome! i love this

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aw that means a lot, thanks a bunch dude!!

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This is so good dude, i look forward to readin more of your poetry🙏

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i really appreciate this ^_^

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This is a great one, wow!!

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oh wowie!! thank you so much!!

by tally!!; ; Report