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— I have horrid social anxiety & likely won't interact Don't take it personal... that's my job. I often assume I'm bothering people if they don't reply or reply dryly, leading to me deleting whatever it is that got such a response (or, rather, lack of one.) Despite this, I often type pretty dryly myself. I'm not gonna talk to you like an a$$hole, but I'm not going to be performative just so that m... » Continue Reading

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~Sympathizing w Randy Stair/Andrew Blaze

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Just to get it out of the way, this isn't condoning what they did. When I was publicly identifying as male I was a lot more suicidal than I've ever been. I realized that it would be YEARS until anyone actually viewed me as male, so I felt that if I could just  die  I could "escape" the body that wasn't "valid enough" for everyone else to respect me. I literally imagined myself somehow having a bod... » Continue Reading

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There's this dude that works at the place I'm getting my GED from. We're the same age but I look like a fcking 12 year old next to him. He's so goddamn cool & has on crustpunk patchwork stuff every time I've seen him & does patchwork in his little office during his free time. I went & sat in his office to chitchat with him (forcing myself to socialize) & we started talking abt movies. My dumbass s... » Continue Reading

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~Unpopular Opinion

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Duck! is a better movie than Elephant. Yes, Duck! is a pretty terrible movie by technical/professional standards, but it's not taking itself seriously like Elephant is. When I watch Duck! I can tell that I'm just watching an edgy passion project made by a bunch of dorks. It's amusingly  bad. It's entertaining even when it's stupid or off-topic. Also, as stupid as the movie is, they parallel Columb... » Continue Reading

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