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— I have horrid social anxiety & likely won't interact

Don't take it personal... that's my job. I often assume I'm bothering people if they don't reply or reply dryly, leading to me deleting whatever it is that got such a response (or, rather, lack of one.) Despite this, I often type pretty dryly myself. I'm not gonna talk to you like an a$$hole, but I'm not going to be performative just so that my text "sounds friendly."

— I reserve the right to deny your friend request

It throws me off when accounts that seem to have little to no common interests with me send me friend requests, so I'm likely to decline any friend requests from accounts like this unless they also send me an IM letting me know that they're into TCC (as that's kind of the lynchpin of my entire profile.) I'm also weirded out by DID "alters" of real people & fictional characters, so as much as I stand for mental health advocacy & whatnot, I'm not going to associate with you if you insist that you're a living manifestation of Dylan Klebold or a Hazbin Hotel character or something (I'm cool with DID alters that are their own identity, though.)

That's it! This was a totally unnecessary read but everyone's got a "BYF" so thanks for spending the time to read my version!

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