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Category: Life

YOOO HAVEN'T BEEN HERE IN 2 MONTHS OR MORE!!! AND i also got into charisma house fandom AND I GOT A NEW PHONE anddd i was too lazy to login to spacehey on it lolz but finally i logged in again xx and i also rlly want to start fionna and cake... is it good? :P AND ALSO I STARTED BOJACK HORSEMAN RECENTLY » Continue Reading

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Recommend me some movies plsss!!!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Hi every1!!! Yesterday I watched Mean Girls and I liked it sm!^^ Can u recommend me some similar movies? Like some iconic 2000s/early 2010s teen movies or smth 0_o (dont suggest jennifers body i dont like horror!!) (I also thought about watching Diary of a wimpy kid hehe!!!) » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Yooo!!! I went to thrift shop yesterday and.... I bought so many things! First of all, two zip hoodies!! I luvvvvv zip hoodies sm ^^ AND official pull&bear iron maiden merch t shirt :0 felt like i went to hot topic!!! /lol/ AND i bought REAL dolce&gabbana shirt just for 8 $ :00 MY VERDICT: if u wanna get some cute fancy y2k clothes GO THRIFT SHOPPING! you'll def find something that you will like! ... » Continue Reading

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