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19F, British, Emetophobic, she/her

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BYF/DNI (ur probably fine)

Category: Blogging

Hi So i thought i should do a basic little DNI list here. These don't apply if you already follow me or if i followed u  ❥ SIA apologisers -  Her film on Autism was incredibly dehumanising. If u support her pls dni   ❥ Systems with over 20 alters - I don't have anything against them, I just really struggle to keep up when there's that many. Pls dni if u expect me to keep up with all ur alters.  ❥ ... » Continue Reading

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Introductory Post

Category: Blogging

idk i just wanted to make a post and didn't know what to write haha Hii, I'm Val, or V . I like cats, star trek, Barbie movies and HLVRAI. I have anxiety and emetophobia.  If you see this, shoot me a friend rq? I'd love to make some friends here!  Have a nice day! » Continue Reading

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