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Introductory Post

idk i just wanted to make a post and didn't know what to write haha

Hii, I'm Val, or V. I like cats, star trek, Barbie movies and HLVRAI. I have anxiety and emetophobia. 

If you see this, shoot me a friend rq? I'd love to make some friends here! 

Have a nice day!

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i've always wanted 2 get into star trek but never knew where to start! any recs?

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ooh thats a tricky one. it sorta depends what you're looking for. TNG is quite political and heavy, with in-depth plots and character arcs. TOS is silly good fun action, DS9 is well crafted and detailed, VOY is fun but serious adventure stuff. I'd recommend starting with TNG maybe? But if you don't find that to your liking feel free to jump around! There is a timeline but you don't Have to watch stuff in order to that, most of it makes sense anyway.

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i'd def prefer one that focuses more on the drama than the sci-fi explosions soo i guess ill check out tng or ds9? thx!!! :))))

by coffin.milk; ; Report

yea i getchu! np! have fun hope they're 2 ur liking!

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