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BYF/DNI (ur probably fine)

Hi So i thought i should do a basic little DNI list here. These don't apply if you already follow me or if i followed u 

❥ SIA apologisers -  Her film on Autism was incredibly dehumanising. If u support her pls dni  

❥ Systems with over 20 alters - I don't have anything against them, I just really struggle to keep up when there's that many. Pls dni if u expect me to keep up with all ur alters. 

❥ Under 13 yo's - I'm almost 20 so i'd feel weird interacting w u!  

❥ ED glamorising ppl - just don't. 

❥ Homophobic, racist etc - why be mean when u could be nice. ez. 

❥ Over 20 yo men obsessed with being discord mods - ik this is specific but dude get a life lol. 

If there's any more i think of i'll add them but for now that's it. 

For the BYF, here are some things that might be helpful to know:

❥ I have emetophobia, fear of s*ck. I'd rlly appreciate it if u could censor anything to do with v* but i understand that can be difficult to remember so i won't be mad if u dont

❥ pls don't bash the original Barbie movies or this whole fairy princess thing, its my coping mechanism! I understand its a lil silly but it helps me feel okay, so kindness about it is much appreciated! 

❥ Lastly, I'm available to gossip about guys literally ANY time. I don't show it but I'm a total bimbo gossip girl and i'd love to chat! IM me what ur guy has done to piss u off and i will instantly act like ur bestie haha 

Thank you for reading!

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