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the big 200?

Category: Blogging

hey, its me hey hi hi hi it's me mika, your favorite guy online.... aha...  well i woke up and opened my computer today and noticed something surprising   I HAVE OVER 200 FRIENDS ON SPACEHEY!!!!!   isn't that crazy? tons of little guys have accepted my friend requests (or vice versa) , some of them i've even made further friends through the messages i've gotten on here and discord additions!!! i'v... » Continue Reading

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aura copypasta

Category: Music

I once dated a goth girl I really did, it really happened Like, long, black hair. It was crazy Put a twirly on it, but she didn't like that I did it anyway 'cause it's cute. And she may have like- I don't know Maybe it was not okay for me to do it, but we went to this park one time and it was supposed to me super romantic, super cute, and we sit down with on the blanket and like, eat Gatorade, wha... » Continue Reading

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wutz up

Category: Blogging

heyy im kyofu im frum ms93, and my old user was batbrat (i also had a side acc called drainsenpai) if any1 here remembers me feel free to hmu and add  much appreciated also the css on this site is much more complicated lolz xx » Continue Reading

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