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aura copypasta

I once dated a goth girl
I really did, it really happened
Like, long, black hair. It was crazy
Put a twirly on it, but she didn't like that
I did it anyway 'cause it's cute. And she may have like- I don't know
Maybe it was not okay for me to do it, but we went to this park one time and it was supposed to me super romantic, super cute, and we sit down with on the blanket and like, eat Gatorade, whatever, it was gonna be fantastic
She put her hand to my forehead, like, just, boom! Hand on my forehead!
She read my aura, and you know what the aura told her?
It was my aura was not compatible with her and it was mostly not compatible with her ex's
And, so, I was confused, I was scared, I was worried this girl's gonna like, knife me in the face?
I don't know what goth girls do. And she told me that her ex is an archangel
I don't- I don't know what an archangel is. It honestly sounds like a Magic: The Gathering card, that's all I know
And she told me that her ex is gonna kill me 'cause he didn't like my aura
Now, to this day- its been years- that guy still might not like my aura

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