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Bookmarklets to report and block malicious profiles

Category: SpaceHey

Given the recent barrage of gore profiles that have been plaguing the site and the general problem of bad actors hiding the block and report links » Continue Reading

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How to make links open in a new tab

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

This one should be short and sweet. So you have a link that you want to share with your friends. » Continue Reading

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Unified Color Animations

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

:root { --the-color: green; --the-animation: the-animation 10s infinite both; } @property --the-color { syntax: " "; inherits: false; initial-value: red; } @keyframes the-animation { 0% { --the-color: red; } 14.28% { --the-color: orange; } 28.57% { --the-color: gold; } 42.85% { --the-color: green; } 57.14% { --the-color: blue; » Continue Reading

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How to hide *just* the links section

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I've been seeing a lot of empty link sections on everyone's profiles so here's the code to hide that section if you want » Continue Reading

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Code for the dvd bouncer

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I had fun making it and now I'm sharing it for anyone who might be interested in learning how it works or for anyone who wants to slap it into their own profile for the nostalgia. pre code { background-color: #212121; color: #fafafa; border: 1px solid #fafafa; » Continue Reading

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