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Bookmarklets to report and block malicious profiles

Given the recent barrage of gore profiles that have been plaguing the site and the general problem of bad actors hiding the block and report links on their profiles, I created a couple of bookmarklets. These will use jаvаscript to programmatically click the report or block link on a profile which will bypass any attempts by the malicious user to obscure or hide those links with CSS.

To use these bookmarklets yourself, first you'll want to create a new bookmark in your browser. You can name it whatever you like. Then paste one of the following code snippets in the URL section. Note: I had to do some hacker tricks to get spacehey to let me post this blog with the word "jаvаscript" so you'll need to manually retype that word in the code snippet after you paste for it to actually work. You should end up with two bookmarks - one to report, and one to block.


jаvаscript: (()=> {document.querySelector('a[href^="/report"]').click()})()


jаvаscript: (()=> {document.querySelector('a[href^="/block"]').click()})()

Note: these only work while on the profile, so if you're dealing with a gore profile, consider copying the resulting urls after using these to share in a bulletin for others so they don't have to see the gore.

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