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37 | they/them | pan | SoCal | Arctic Fox / Golden Jackal mix

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100 Useless facts about me Survey (stolen from xXLil4cLuXx)!

Category: Quiz/Survey

Do you usually sleep with your closet door open or closed? The doors have so much stuff in » Continue Reading

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Furries of Spacehey Discord server!

Category: Friends

Me and my friendo have put together a Discord for furries on SpaceHey that will coincide with the SpaceHey group once the feature is implemented. Come join! https://discord.gg/xRqFDjenGF » Continue Reading

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Let me know if I ever come as creepy?

Category: Friends

Reposting from my bulletin. I'm very self conscience about this, especi » Continue Reading

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Holy shit.

Category: SpaceHey

So I never thought I'd see this layout again without using the waybackmachine. Nice. Time to be cringe like it's 2005! » Continue Reading

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