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Let me know if I ever come as creepy?

Reposting from my bulletin.

I'm very self conscience about this, especially when I interact with younger people. I mean 34 isn't old, hell really your 40s isn't old, but by that same token, I am not in my 20s anymore and even less so in my teens. Far as I'm aware I don't do anything of the sort and come off as non threatening but still, please let me know if I ever say anything that is off, especially if you are like a Gen-Zer. There are more than a few 30 somethings that like to groom people in their early 20s and late teens (Sometimes even younger) and so I tend to worry about coming off as one of those type of people. Even though I may be worrying over nothing and people can tell I have no ill intentions.

Sorry I realize I'm rambling, I just wanted to put that out there =X

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I hear ya loud and clear, there. Like ArtBunee said, though, as long as your intent is pure, there ought not to be much to worry about.

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I'm sure as long as you have pure intent, nothing you say will come off as creepy.

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