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"Im going to the mall soon :D"

I’m 14, INTJ, (They/Them), lesbian, Edgy, and silly

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I need characters to draw‼️

Category: Art and Photography

I have art block give me cool characters yall like to draw » Continue Reading

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Just made some Kandi

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I made a little skull Kandi necklace and a black and white checkered ladder cuff, give me some more ideas!! (I’ve made an insane amount of Kandi so I might have already made what you’re thinking of already) » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I’m currently recovering from getting my wisdom teeth ripped out of my mouth and having my gums sewn back together so I’m in extreme amounts of pain and have been surviving on blueberry smoothies for about 2 days. » Continue Reading

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