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Los Prisioneros

Category: Music

so theres a band from chile called Los Prisioneros (the prisioners in english i think) and they are soooo gooood, they are like sometimes new wave and sometimes post punk, and their lyrics are so like leftists but with a lot of sense, yall should hear them  oe los prisioneros son buenisimos hermano, sus letras son bien de izquierda pero si tienen sentido y las instrumentales que tienen son muuy bu... » Continue Reading

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writing blogs

Category: Blogging

writing blogs is SO adictive, i kinda feel like mark zuckenwhateverberg in the social network hahahaha, but its like i just wanna feel typing, maybe the sounds my keybords sound its so addictive (maybe its keep me stimulated), ill be using this a lot  » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

when i first listen to melodrama by lorde i think it was sooooo overrated, i think i didnt like pop that much at that time,i was so into indie rock or virgin rock (bcnr, black midi, slowdive, etc), but when i expanded my musical taste i begin listening to pop, i think i stop having some sexis thoughts, i started listening to taylor swift, olivia rodrigo, madonna, then when i become a fan of white ... » Continue Reading

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this shi

Category: Blogging

a friend of mine showed me this, ive never had myspace for obvious reasons, so i was interested in this, i made my account and i didnt understand anything, thhis feels so 2000's core, i just filled out some basic things and i leave it like that, the next day i talked with this friend and she told me how to change some things and where i can find some things, so i started and I decided to make my p... » Continue Reading

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