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Category: Life

ABOUT ME: i am a silyy!! im transmasc,  im still figuring out my gender but im pretty sure im genderfluid, my name is andy, but if we're close, you can call me atlas, spencer, roxie, or fiz. i am a minor!! im neurodivergent and disabled (ADHD, GAD, autism, chronic pain, maybe POTS im not sure). im a therian and otherkin! im also an age and pet regressor. im currently working on a book called "when... » Continue Reading

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movie to-be-watched !!!!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

juno scream franchise saw franchise 10 things i hate about you thirteen the vvitch midsommar blood alone at night xx funhouse flux gourmet the offering the abcs of death hurricane bianca rent-a-pal the interview dune fantastic mr fox mid90s hereditary a clockwork orange parasite » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

lmk if you have any suggestions :3 need to finish young sheldon adventure time steven universe criminal minds american h » Continue Reading

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rating some of my favorite books!

Category: Books and Stories

a good girls guide to murder -- THE BANTER BETWEEN PIP AND RAVI??? THE ABSOLUTE BADDIE PIP IS???? THE MYSTERY????? THE PLOT TWISTS?????? OH MY GOD THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD 5/5 shatter me -- all the men were either insufferable in the hot way or hot in the insufferable way and idk how to feel abt that (except for winston hes just plain insufferable) 4/5 the inheritance games series -- THE PLOT TWISTS ... » Continue Reading

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more info abt me!

Category: Life

my favorite foods: chocolate fudge poptarts mangoes and blueberries (rlly any fruits) spicy ramen literally any korean or japanese food salt and vinegar chips or spicy chips mozzarella sticks cupcakes my favorite drinks: coca cola, root beer, mountain dew (especially voltage and code red), literally any soda! water (VERY VERY » Continue Reading

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