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a couple of block and report links

Category: SpaceHey

slur in name https://spacehey.com/block?id=2221597 https://spacehey.com/report?type=user&id=2221597 slur in name.. again https://spacehey.com/block?id=2221643 https://spacehey.com/report?type=user&id=2221643 gore pfp, said the n word https://spacehey.com/report?type=user&id=2221585 https://spacehey.com/block?id=2221585 swastikas in user? https://spacehey.com/block?id=2221624 https://spacehey.com/r... » Continue Reading

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about ems and their callout post

Category: Friends

https://docs.google.com/document/d/17dqx8owym9CEhS3Lr03MgYDKiHb58dD_Ale1XWwAelI/edit?usp=sharing i literally frq'd the guy in their post, they told me it was all bullshit and sent proof of it like everything they sent is in the google doc » Continue Reading

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rationalization of blatant transphobia

Category: Blogging

im going to try and make this non-argumentative as i possibly can. i will be talking about the (recently taken down) blog post by myxromanze, since ive seen people talking about how its "completely fine" and not hurting anyone because its "just an opinion". it is not completely fine, it is not just an opinion. with that logic, you could say that thinking homosexuality was a mental illness is compl... » Continue Reading

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calling a mf out

Category: SpaceHey

tldr: cesper21/the czar is a pedo » Continue Reading

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