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"mom died today. Maybe yesterday, i don't remember"

15 yo. Japanese girl living in spain

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Another poem

Category: Writing and Poetry

Amidst the shadows, tears silently fall, In the quiet of night, an echoing call. A heart heavy with sorrows, burdened and blue, In this world of fleeting joys, I seek solace too. The stars above, they weep with me, Their shimmering tears a celestial sea. A lonely moon in the vast expanse, I long for a touch, a fleeting chance. The weight of memories, a heavy chain, Each link forged in love, in joy... » Continue Reading

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Just some poems without a meaning. English practice, sorry if i'm bad

Category: Writing and Poetry

How does the human heart work? I think it's something i'll never understand  Because, they say It stops beating when you're dead But mine is still beating, even thought i'm dead. And is not a metaphore, it's a feeling, A feeling which makes me feel really tired But, how can a heart break even when It has speed  stopped beating? » Continue Reading

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— 2 Kudos

Day 1 / 2023 年 10 月 6 日

Category: Life

English is not my first language. Please be kind. ありがと ございます! 2023 年 10 月 6 日 この詩は「死刑を宣告された」と呼ばれています.  人生, 私たちが知っているのと同じくらい儚い それはどんな形であっても無意味だ. 私たちは何をすべきか? 逃げても私たちは救われない 現実には私たちに救いはない. » Continue Reading

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