Another poem

Amidst the shadows, tears silently fall,

In the quiet of night, an echoing call.

A heart heavy with sorrows, burdened and blue,

In this world of fleeting joys, I seek solace too.

The stars above, they weep with me,

Their shimmering tears a celestial sea.

A lonely moon in the vast expanse,

I long for a touch, a fleeting chance.

The weight of memories, a heavy chain,

Each link forged in love, in joy, in pain.

A life's worth of moments, now lost in time,

I yearn for a love, once yours, now mine.

Through misty eyes, I glimpse the past,

A love that was destined, but couldn't last.

In the depths of despair, I find my way,

Hoping for a brighter, less somber day.

So here I stand, in this sea of sorrow,

Hoping for a better tomorrow.

Though sadness clings, like shadows on me,

I'll embrace the pain, and

 someday be free.

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