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"sitting crisscross applesauce"

Im 74 from Lithuania

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Its october and its beautiful!

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Everybody has to go outside and pick up a leaf and sniff it. And then sniff it again Maybe go find another leaf and smell that one too  » Continue Reading

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Jelly donut

Category: Religion and Philosophy

I think jelly donuts are the most important foods we as humans can consume . I just had a jelly donut and im reminiscing on when i had a better one cus it was just so good. I also got a butter pecan cold brew ,4.7/10 I should get a jelly donut every morning 🌈💜 Omg  » Continue Reading

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Nutri grain bar fiasco

Category: Life

Theres nutri grain bar stuck in my teeth  » Continue Reading

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