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A small part 2 of my original blog (Trying to find what's lost)

Category: Life

You know, thinking about it. I forgot to mention what ended up happening to the server. The server is dead now, but I must swallow my pride and admit it. I did end up getting the last laugh out of everything I've done there, because I'm still there, although getting the last laugh means one thing, but at what cost? I got the last laugh, but was it really worth it? I lost my friend, and I lost myse... » Continue Reading

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Trying to find what's lost.

Category: Life

I know many may not see this, but I figured it'd be better just to share.  If you are going to read it all, please read it with an open mind. A while ago, about a year maybe, time has passed so much I can hardly pinpoint when, me and some of my friends were in this discord server. (My discord's on my profile if you want it) Everything was going great until we started adding more people from our ow... » Continue Reading

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