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A small part 2 of my original blog (Trying to find what's lost)

You know, thinking about it. I forgot to mention what ended up happening to the server. The server is dead now, but I must swallow my pride and admit it.
I did end up getting the last laugh out of everything I've done there, because I'm still there, although getting the last laugh means one thing, but at what cost? I got the last laugh, but was it really worth it? I lost my friend, and I lost myselft. My ego and the unwillingness of defeat got the better of me.
Take this as a lesson from me, if you're trying to achieve something, think about it like this:
You achieve what you want, but at what cost.
I found out the hard way, avoid that decision, because I got really hurt mentally because of it, I am no longer the same person I was a year ago. I wish to still be that person, but that person is gone. Lost in a past I regret. But that person was good. All thats left is me, the consequences of my actions, if I could rewind time, I would change things.

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