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home from school !!

Category: Life

even if today was a short day it felt like it took ages -_- buuut now i’m back home and can spend the rest of the day thinking about yuri!! as of late i’ve been calling any ship with themes and motifs yuri and it’s honestly so whimsical… rose garden and sunset are peak yuri. to me. wdym they’re both guys? nuh uh oh ya friendly reminder since i’m a bit more open about liking “problematic” ships on ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

THE N25 REDESIGNS FINALLY DROPPED AND JM LOSING MY MARBLES … THEY ALL LOOK SO COOL WHAT THE FLIP??? leik look at them zomg. KANADE IS SO PRETTY she literally devoured also i just noticed but miku stole kanade’s chair from the og designs… what the flip give it back » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

tbh i miss the old internet days ... like it was such common knowledge back in leik 2012/13/14 that if you didn't like something you could just block and move on, but nowadays ppl see one thing they don't like and they blow it wayyyy out of proportion .. like you donut need to send death threats over fictional characters dude what if the world was made of pudding !! i dunno though im just thinking... » Continue Reading

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