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i loe my friwnds

Category: Friends

ive only four friends but  i love them to death . i love thingking abt them when love songs n drunk asf i love myfriends more than lifeong. ilmbsfs realll :3333 WAGHHH I MISS THEM SM ;-; xd  i love kange l soommuch  i love making art  theres sm stuff to live for !] ive not met my frinds ever since i came backin the city bleughhggh  Also idky my friends always meet me at my worst ;-; when i was in ... » Continue Reading

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BMF ?!

Category: Friends

i usually hate makinf friends & tbh i cant promise will be friends either but i wna get 2 know new ppl n if anybodys down heres some of my interests - alt fashion & subcultures , animals & nature , any kinda art - drawing music etc. but i 🩷 hearing ppl infodump Abt ANYTHING so u dont have 2 have common interests LOL ,, one thing tho i h8 small talk — hey hru wyd kinda Stuff j get 2 th point :’3  A... » Continue Reading

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Hi :3

Category: Blogging

im rly bored everythings boring Lately my Lifes been so boring y am i so bored All i want is Attention  » Continue Reading

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i Need friends ?!

Category: Friends

i Need a step by step tutorial on how 2 Make friends PLWAS !!! i just wnat some1 w same interests as me who will do fun stuff w me n not js talk w me lol » Continue Reading

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new accoutn

Category: SpaceHey

Uhh tutorial o n how 2 decorste this account properly n Stuff cos i  prollu look rlly creepy compared 2 All the cute layouts ,, but tbh ive been planning 2 Make a carrd 4 Abt 2 yrs n its still a wip ... » Continue Reading

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