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My Feelings Pt.1

Category: Writing and Poetry

I don't know if I feel obligated to love you,  Because of everything you have done for me,  Or because,  I just can't seem to erase the people you were to me,  They way you used to treat me,  I feel in a way,  I still haven't adjusted to this change of treatment.  I was special to you once... Wasn't I? It would soothe some of the thoughts if I knew at some point,  Even just a little bit,  You felt... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

How do you guys cope with people these days, like how do you guys genuinely enjoy going places when you know a bunch of people will be there. Like can we have a day where the stores are open to just us so I don't have to stand awkwardly in an aisle waiting for the 20 people to decide whether or not they want chocolate or vanilla. Like please I just want to grab the mint chip TwT » Continue Reading

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