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i luv living online

Category: Life

my internet persona is who i am irl!!!!!! my  outside body is jsut a shell!! lemme inside the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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at friend house

Category: Friends

wassap yall at my friend casa rn cuz i needed to fix my gifs T^T they werent working fsr and i dont want an ugly prof!!!!!!! also cuz im addicted hehehe » Continue Reading

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going 2 the beach w friends later 🥱

Category: Blogging

feel kinda lazy... dnt wanna get rdy _(:3」∠)_ !! but wtv cuz im going to the beach AND I GET TO USE MY FLOOOATTIIEE!! YASSS!!! hope a shark doesnt pop it heehe....been sm damn sharks near the waters!!!! .......even swam near some once thinking they were dolphins... ∑(゚ロ゚〃).......also....kinda wanna go to an amusement park later.....hehe.......theres one near the beach....but im broke..... and so r... » Continue Reading

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tired ASF!!!!!! codin kinda fun but hard

Category: Blogging

MY GAWD coding is so hard....but its kinda fun...... im not rlly coding tho just copying and pasting...hehee  o(≧∇≦o) also stayed up all nite working on this page... nd i got a grad to go to LATER THIS MORNING its 7am...... Σ(゚Д゚;) wtv doe!! im strong asf i can do this 💯💯💯 » Continue Reading

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