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anyone in game development?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

id love 2 talk 2 ppl abt game development but idk where to find any1 .  » Continue Reading

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senioritis rant, can;t finish hw >__<

Category: School, College, University

almost finished w my last year of high school and im so over it already. at this point my grades dont rlly matter for the college im going to (still have to keep them up just in case) so its hard to stay motivated to get anything done in my classes:/. i still have ap tests coming up which i have to study for (and those matter more than high grades atp) but i just cant bring myself to care abt them » Continue Reading

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just joined B)

Category: SpaceHey

i honestly don't have anything 2 say her lol, i just wanted to try posting a blog entry. this website seems pretty cool so far :3 » Continue Reading

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