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anyone in game development?

id love 2 talk 2 ppl abt game development but idk where to find any1 .Β 

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hello :D i really enjoy programming [i use python mostly] and have been wanting to start my own game dev projects for a while!!!

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Hiiii, iv'e been getting into game development recently and probably pursuing a degree in it!!!!

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same ! but i have been watching alot of youtube videos about it ,
what kind of games do you think about ?

by Lostzelda; ; Report

Wdym (for the question)

by lael; ; Report


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I am! I’m currently pursuing a degree in animation and game design :]

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oh that is so cool!

by corey; ; Report

Yeah im really enjoying it! What part of game development are you interested in?

by 𝐇𝐉; ; Report

probably coding and game design. rn i’m trying to make somewhat of a game on my own in unity (it’s not going great).
and i have so much respect people doing animation, that shit is hard T_T

by corey; ; Report